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22 March 2011 @ 09:42 pm
Ok, does anybody else realize that I am NOT ten years old anymore?
Yes? Do you really?

Because I just want to make sure that I'm not going completely bat-shit fucking insane.

Earlier this morning, I got an e-mail from the college telling me that I wasn't accepted because my average was 39%. Immediately, I freaked out, there's no way in fuck that my average was 39%, considering last time I checked, it was 94%. They mixed up my application with someone else's and now I'm going to have to wait yet another year to go to College, though I'm thinking of moving to Montreal and going to school there.

I was upset, obviously, all morning and my dad nor my step mom were listening to a word I was saying. I told them that I would handle everything and to just leave me alone for a bit, so I can collect my brain matter and go to fucking work. But of course they didn't, my dad called the college, even though I told them that I would fucking handle it, so I had to deal with Dumbfuck McSecretary while sobbing.

Then Vikki drove me to work, on the way I just listened to music to calm the shit down, I got out of the car when I got to work without saying a word.

Dad picks me up from karate and tells me that I need to apologize to Vikki when I get home. I ask why, apparently she told dad that I slammed the car door horribly hard when I got out. Which I didn't, because I'm not immature. I told dad that exact thing, but he told me to apologize anyways.

Pardon me? No, I will not apologize for something that I didn't do. That's like me going to Germany and apologizing for Hitler, not my fucking fault, I had nothing to do with that shit.

I'm not ten anymore, I'm nineteen. I can take care of myself, feed myself and even bathe myself. I don't need babysitters and I definitely don't need this childish bullfuck.
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