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20 February 2011 @ 01:57 pm
I have been awake since 6 AM with a beastly stomach flu, though the 24 hour flu is going around so I really hope that's all it is.
I had to cancel on mum today and no matter how many Advil I take, this headache just is not dicking off.

I was however able to eat some ketchup chips without barfing, so that was nice.

And now, I saw Unknown last night and it was excellent. I recommend it.
Also, Rob got me Dexter The Game, and I love it.
And him.

But now, for some lol's.

I tend to forget how lame and retarded I get when I get sick, but this morning was just silly.
I tried to call mom to tell her that I'm feeling very ill and if we could reschedule for next weekend.
However, she wasn't answering at home nor her cell phone, so I started crying.
Then Rob brought in some Timbits so I scarfed down three of those, but whined because the cats weren't in the room and I wanted to cuddle them.

Once mom called me back, I started apologizing profusely while crying even though I knew that my mom would only want me to get better.
Mum kept saying "IT'S OK. IT'S OK. GO TO BED. EAT SOUP."

Then I vaguely remember begging Rob for McDonald's when he gets off work because McNuggets are delicious.
But I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of "Tummy wants McNuggets."

I don't even know.