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J.C.  Abstract
22 July 2011 @ 02:05 pm
Holy shit, guise. I haven't posted in a few months so I suppose I should really get on this.

Not much has changed with my everyday life, I go to work, I go to karate, and I come home.

Work is still as shitty as ever. I am currently one of three cooks, two of which are leaving for College in a few weeks, which means that I will be the ONLY cook, and I'm already being expected to work weekends or whenever the fuck they need me. I've been handing out resumes, but to no success. What a huge surprise in this tiny, conservative town.

My dad is still driving me absolutely insane, I honestly think that I could be adopted, just because dad is such an insane, racist, homophobic idiot that there's no fucking way he had a role in creating me. Because I am awesome.

At least once a week he tries to convince me that black people caused cancer, and every single time I try to explain to him how ridiculous that is, he simply shoves it off and believes that he is correct. But that's the thing that bugs me, he always thinks that he's correct and that everyone should applaud how brilliant he is, but he's NOT always right. He's actually very rarely correct in anything he speaks about. A few weeks ago he pronounced "Forensics" as "Fornesics" so I politely corrected him. However, all he had to say was how shallow and terrible I am and how when I grow up, I will realize that I'm not always right and to not be rude.

What? I'm nearly twenty, and I can guarantee that I'm smarter than you, dad. But whatever.

It's also constantly aggravating when he puts down my gay friends. I told him that when I passed my G2 test, I was going to drive up to Kingston and visit Maddy, who is transgender. Dad said "Oh yeah, she, him, it, whatever, they're pretty cool. But kind of gross."

No, you're constantly biggotry is "gross." Your ignorance is "gross."
So please, if you could, fuck right off.

Onto some good news;

Heidi had her baby, a little girl named MarLee who is the cutest human being on the planet. When she toots she laughs and when she sleeps, she puts her middle fingers up. I have faith that she will grow up to be amazing, which of course she will because her parents are badass.

I'm also going to visit Brandon next May, if I have the money for it. Mum and Dad said that they would help pay for a lot of it, but I just need to make sure that my hours don't get cut more than they already have, otherwise I won't even be able to afford to buy my groceries. But I think everything will turn out fine. Plus, my grandmother's are quite evil but also quite loaded, so maybe one of them will die and leave me some cash.

Sure, that makes me a terrible person, but those bitches be crazy, son.

Anywhore; Until next time.