asisink's Journal

J.C. Abstract
It Can't Rain All The Time
I could go through a million different things that I love and love to do, but then my journal wouldn't be worth reading.
The random facts are the most interesting, so here's a few.

I can talk for hours about absolutely nothing.
Hugs are amazing and they make everything better.
I think about my friends all the time, wondering if they're ok, how they're feeling.
Horror movies are my favourite, they make me smile.
I'm brutally honest, and I will not apologize for it.

I'm vulgar, rude, polite, weird, normal, girly, grungy, punk rock and opera.
I get changed in my friend's backyards and get screamed at by religious fanatics.
I love to learn, love to think and daydream.

My worst fear is being forgotten.

If you find some wisdom, some laughter, some answers or some questions in my journal.
My job is done